Uncropped Nokia shots

It just occurred to me that I don’t think I ever shared the uncropped shots I did for Nokia’s 1020 campaign last year (before they were sliced to fit the 16:6 digital OOH screen format that is). So here they are!

If you read my blog you’ll remember that I shot these images for the Nokia 1020 iSpy campaign that ran on digital screens across the UK and on Nokia’s twitter account - so the shots needed to be super detailed to make the iSpy game playable. Also, what was most challenging was that all the images needed to be shot on the 1020 handset and be super high resolution so we could zoom in over 4x in the campaign. We also couldn’t use a mounting system as the phone needed to be triggered manually on the touch screen - this second part became pretty terrifying when hanging out the side of a helicopter shooting 2 handed over mid-winter London;)

Shot in RAW and processed at full res (exported to Tiff) they’re around 100mb each which is just amazing for a camera phone! These are compressed to about 1mb on the blog…

Anyway, I think the results are pretty epic for a phone camera, don’t you?

Here’s a video of the campaign showing how the images were used across Ocean Outdoor’s screen network:

Using Format