Wardrobe Bank just launched!

So, here’s something useful to both stylists and photographers alike…

After many years of working in this industry - Khandiz (my fantastic make-up artist friend) and I were chatting about how much wastage occurs in this industry, particularly when it comes to wardrobe…

More often than not on commercial jobs, a new clothing collection is bought to dress the talent, worn once and then returned. However, if the retailer / designer refuses to accept the return (as the clothing has been worn / washed) those items are more often than not cast into obscurity at the bottom of a stylist’s suitcase or back of their attic - never to be seen again….. How wasteful!

So we’ve decided to establish Wardrobe Bank! It’s a standard wardrobe hire facility however, the entire collection is made up from stylist’s ‘extra’s collections’. Stylists contribute to the collection and then earn a percentage of the hire fee when their items are hired out on other jobs, earning a passive income and freeing up space at home.

This is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • It’s a whole lot better for the environment!
  • It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying new for jobs
  • The collection will certainly be good (it’s curated by a bunch of stylists!)
  • This is a good thing for other photographers too as now they can easily self-style test shoots
  • We’re in Bethnal Green, so easily reachable for most Londoners
  • The collection will offer basics as well as speciality pieces
  • Wardrobe Bank can also provide a space for castings & fittings
  • The space is also big enough to shoot lookbooks / portraits / headshots
  • We promise to be entertaining on every visit ;)

The Wardrobe Bank address is:
Unit 4
BJ House
10 – 14 Hollybush Gardens
Bethnal Green
London E2 9QT

Get in touch to arrange a visit:

email us on contact@wardrobebank.com


or call Khandiz 0770992408 / Brad 07906166692

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